Large pores like to appear in the nose and chin area and sometimes make us despair. But this has now come to an end. We tell you how you can reduce large pores and conjure up an even complexion. 
How are large pores actually formed? 
Our pores are the air holes in our skin and ensure that it can breathe. However, sweat and sebum are also removed through these small openings in our skin. Small pores are usually not noticed on the face at first. Only when excessive sebum and cornification are produced do the pores become clogged and more visible.

Over time, the skin's production of collagen and elastin also decreases - including in the pores. As a result, the tissue slackens, the openings widen and pores become more visible. But don't worry: The following tips and tricks show how to reduce large pores and conjure up an even complexion.

The number and size of pores vary from person to person. The skin type plays an important role. Oily skin as well as combination skin tends to the formation of large pores.

Reduce large pores - what care?
It is important to remove dirt, make-up, and sebum from the skin daily. This way, nothing can get stuck in the pores and expand them. For a pore-deep cleansing, micellar water is quite suitable. Plus point: blackheads, pimples, and impurities are also reduced by high-quality micellar water.

In addition, you should regularly exfoliate your skin or use a face brush to remove dead skin cells. Otherwise, these can be deposited on the pores and prevent sebum from flowing off. We show you how you can even make a peeling yourself. Sebum jam? Not with us!

Reduce large pores - how about a primer?
The good thing about primer: it consists mainly of silicones, which lie on the skin like a veil without clogging the pores. On the contrary. The primer acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup, so particles can't get into the pores and expand them. In addition, the skin is visually smoothed and the primer thus creates a perfect base for the foundation. Speaking of foundation and makeup, we also have the right solution for enlarged pores. 

Reduce large pores - which make-up?
Makeup is the perfect tool to cheat a porcelain complexion. It is important to choose a product that in no case gets stuck in the skin pores and can clog them. Mineral makeups in powder form are ideal because they are easier to spread without settling in the pores. Mattifying makeups are not only ideal for quickly oily skin. They also have the great advantage of absorbing light. Thus, no shadows can appear on the face. The light textures of BB and CC creams are also particularly suitable for concealing large pores without closing the air holes. 

Reduce large pores - are there home remedies?
A lemon mask helps to shrink large pores and can be easily made at home. All you have to do is squeeze the juice of one lemon and mix it with a tablespoon of water. Then apply it on a cotton pad and treat the affected areas. The whole thing should be left to act on the skin surface for an hour and then washed off with cold water. The fruit acid ensures free skin pores and makes them look smaller. 

An almond mask can also be used to open pores and clean them. For the mask, simply mix three tablespoons of ground almonds with a little water to make a thick paste. Again, the mask is then applied only to the affected areas. After half an hour, everything can be washed off with warm water. 
The result is impressive: velvety skin with only two ingredients that probably everyone has in the kitchen.

Also with a steam bath, you have the possibility to act against large pores. The steam allows dirt and sebum to be optimally removed from the skin, as the pores are opened. For the water bath, take a liter of hot water and about five tablespoons of chamomile flowers in a bowl. Now simply sit over the bath with a towel over your head for ten minutes and breathe in and out in a controlled manner. Then wash your face thoroughly with water or gel.


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